Perfection in storytelling


How do you describe the best game you have ever played?

You don’t. Words would never do it justice. And words actually refuse to materialize because all that is left is the silence and the void left by the fact that no matter how many more times you decide to replay it, that first pass through the game is still iron-branded in your mind.

You won’t enjoy this game. You will struggle with your feelings each time you grab that controller and progressing through the post-pandemic world that Naughty Dog created. A beautiful yet deadly world. You will evolve at the same time as your protagonists, or you will watch them die. As the game unfolds, you will witness the decay of human values whilst at the same time wonder at the way nature has regained control of cities where man is no longer in control.

But most importantly, you will forge a bond with the main characters and will invest emotionally in each chapter that brings you closer to them and allows you to sympathize with the choices they are forced to make. There are few lines left to cross for Joel whilst Ellie’s coming of age is brutally fast forwarded by the events that occurred even before her birth.

The Last of Us is a beautifully crafted story of dreadful events. A masterpiece in writing, acting and choice of music.

To celebrate it, here is a playlist inspired by it:



PS – thank you to @mtteo for the idea of coming up with a musical mix