Perfection in storytelling


How do you describe the best game you have ever played?

You don’t. Words would never do it justice. And words actually refuse to materialize because all that is left is the silence and the void left by the fact that no matter how many more times you decide to replay it, that first pass through the game is still iron-branded in your mind.

You won’t enjoy this game. You will struggle with your feelings each time you grab that controller and progressing through the post-pandemic world that Naughty Dog created. A beautiful yet deadly world. You will evolve at the same time as your protagonists, or you will watch them die. As the game unfolds, you will witness the decay of human values whilst at the same time wonder at the way nature has regained control of cities where man is no longer in control.

But most importantly, you will forge a bond with the main characters and will invest emotionally in each chapter that brings you closer to them and allows you to sympathize with the choices they are forced to make. There are few lines left to cross for Joel whilst Ellie’s coming of age is brutally fast forwarded by the events that occurred even before her birth.

The Last of Us is a beautifully crafted story of dreadful events. A masterpiece in writing, acting and choice of music.

To celebrate it, here is a playlist inspired by it:



PS – thank you to @mtteo for the idea of coming up with a musical mix



Today’s moment of Zen…

…is brought to you by the talented Phox:


I’ve been living under a rock…

Or at least this is how I feel each time a random click on YouTube takes me to a new musical discovery. Tonight more than ever, I was stunned. It was one of the rare moments when you can’t help but think you’ve just witnessed one of the greatest live performances you’ve never known of.

They are named Above and Beyond and they have just made it into my favorites list.

I am grateful for this and hope it fills your heart with hope – somehow, it did just that for me:

My contribution to TBT

They call it Throw back Thursdays and it’s essentially an excuse to dig-up some funky items from ones past. Here’s my musical flashback for today – a tune that dates back to the golden days of MTV…I can still remember the original video and how I used to turn up that huge color TV that my dad bought on a whim…Damn, I miss the 90’s…

New beginnings…again

Yup, today was the first page of a new chapter. And I have to say – thinking of the kind of future this would bring makes me smile with optimism.

This is most likely why I am more inclined to listening to some of Maggie Rogers uplifting tracks. Here it is – hope it brightens your day as it did mine:


Back to school

The Grammar teachers are back in town…and they never sounded better.

The voice, the reverb, the harmonious orchestration and that gentle electric guitar – they are all guaranteed to give you goosebumps, smiles and teary eyes.

I am definitely looking forward to their upcoming album.


The gift…

Yup, albeit at a much slower pace, I still like to handpick funky beats and musical treats.

So here’s one that will make you want to test that Bass setting on your player…my gift to you:


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Late to the party

Sometimes, for whatever reason, my mind and ears refuse to be open to whatever is considered to be at the top of mainstream charts. It is at such times that I risk losing sights of some great performances just because I  chose to change the station when I hear that their song is about to start.

Today, yet again, I was proven wrong and figured that it is plain ignorance not to allow any musical piece its time in the sun ( or in one’s heart) just because they take the seat of honor in any radio station’s heavy rotation.

To add insult to injury, as I am typing this I have just realized that I was actually in love with this artist some 5-6 years ago, whilst her music was playing in the series finale of one of the most loved series – Six Feet Under.

It seems to me that I simply neglected her transition towards pop music center stage. But now, that I am finally aware, I simply can’t get enough:





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Keep that beat and the legs will follow!


Slowly but surely, the Next Marathon’s playlist is coming along at a steady pace, much like the marathon training itself.

This one’s for tomorrow morning: