Healthy habits

I know it’s been more than a while and yes, I’ve missed coming here as well. Now, that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s see if we can get back into the groove, shall we? And what better way to rekindle things with an awesome track from one of my all time favorite bands whose tracks always manage to kick me into gear and get me through the day with a smile on my face.

Ladies and gents…the very melodious – Paper Kites:



My contribution to TBT

They call it Throw back Thursdays and it’s essentially an excuse to dig-up some funky items from ones past. Here’s my musical flashback for today – a tune that dates back to the golden days of MTV…I can still remember the original video and how I used to turn up that huge color TV that my dad bought on a whim…Damn, I miss the 90’s…

Chapter XXXIII – “The One with the earbug”


This goes out to my friends…the few ones who stuck around and without whom this journey would be so void of meaning.

Thank you!




And they’re back!

I don’t normally post on Saturdays ( everyone needs a bit of time off, right?)…but upon hearing this brand new treat, I just had to…So here it is, from their brand new album, the Stereophonics:

Lyrics and voice

You pretty much know that you’re in for one hell of a ride when the video’s description credits Bob Dylan for the lyrics and Marcus Mumford for the voice talent. At least I thought I knew what was coming to me, but man, did this tune enchant my soul…

You should also know that this is part of one of the most beautiful projects ever to come from the genius that is T Bone Burnett – a compilation of songs written for some of the most talented names in contemporary music ( Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens (Carolina Chocolate Drops), Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons) ) to the recently unearthed lyrics of a 26 year old Bob Dylan. So – did I get your attention?

Running again

I’ve missed it beyond words. And I have lost all the training I had. Luckily, I still know the theory :).

So it’s time to start anew. I decided to treat this not with frustration, but with joy -as I get to relieve all that wondrous transformation from “huff and puff” to “doing it with a smile.”

I hope I get to run again this weekend. And if I do – this ear-bug will be kicking me into gear. Be warned – it’s an addictive one:

Like a shot of adrenaline..

This upbeat anthem is guaranteed to provide your daily recommended dose of endorphins. It definitely sent me groceries shopping with a smile :

Counting down …

A fabulous 2014 is singing its final chorus.

It was a truly marvelous and generous year – one that has taught me a great deal about hope, friendship and the joy of living.

After such an awesome year, it’s hard not to be in the least nervous about the one that’s about to start. More than ever though, I cannot wait for 2015 and all the drama, the smiles and surprises it will bring.

Here’s something to make the time go by…