There’s something about John Wick…

If you have not seen it yet, don’t fret…there is time still.

It’s far from being Oscar material…but among a sea of blockbusters and action flicks it stands out for its dark atmosphere, well written characters and of course – choice of actors. I was initially tempted to dismiss it as yet another violent movie where the protagonist kicks every ass he can find on screen and comes out unscathed.This was not one of those.

In many ways it feels more like watching  a movie version of a comics series. It’s got excellent storytelling precisely divided into memorable-thickly-contoured scenes. And this is perhaps why, before I could look away even for a second, I was pulled into the gritty world of assassins seeking shelter at the Continental (the very idea of having a hub where hired hands spend the night in safety seemed most fresh in the genre…)

Keanu Reeve’s acting is well suited for the role. I doubt there were few who questioned how his personal history actually helped him get into character. The surrounding cast – from sidekicks to villains or even observers also has some notable contributions – I particularly enjoyed watching Willem Defoe and Lance Reddick bringing their signature acting to life.

If all of the above failed to convince you…then see it for the soundtrack – and it will not be time lost. Here’s a sample that stood out even during the movie’s nicely crafted steam bath scene:

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