Milonga obsession


I have re-written these words many a times in a feeble attempt of trying to render something as meaningful, as varied and as soul enriching as the very dance they are meant to describe.

Alas, each time I thought I to have written the perfect paragraph , the one that encompassed all of the flavors one gets when setting out onto the soulful rhythm of a Milonga, I realized that there was some much more that I had left out, so much I had felt but failed to put into words. It was as if, just as a novice dancer, I had let the music control my moves and vocabulary, rather than using it as an inspiration and take my time with each of the steps.

Therefore, since words seem to fail where “torso-hips-legs” innately found a way, allow me to  just declare my renewed love for dancing and listening tango and admitting that last night was a delight and I look forward to our next Milonga session.



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