Lost treasures


For a couple of years now, I have been handpicking each item in my musical collection, in an conscious effort of moving away from acquiring songs in bulk.

It was literally like teaching oneself to use chopsticks and savor every delicious morsel  rather than gulping down a big bowl of unnamed elements…

I started enjoying every discovery, and fell in and out of love with each ear-bug that haunted my daily routine.

Piece by piece, it all started falling into place, like a perfect, ever-going game of Tetris… in fact, it all was all so natural to me that I never grasped the sheer amount of tunes that now make up a collection I am most proud of. The pitfall of such an endeavor is that one tends to forget the gems that lay dormant until a most auspicious event unearths them – much to my gratitude.

Last evening one such gem was brought back into spotlight: the gents that go by the collective name of FINK. I suddenly remembered the countless times I had pressed play to their “Pretty little thing” and surely enough I fell compelled to do it all over again. And then, this …mature audiophile I’ve come to be…. started searching for more of their tunes.

It was hard picking a favorite of the day, but for some reason I decided to stick to this one:



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