10 years … with laughter and tears



I am pushing 30 and the last couple of months have been a roller coaster of change so perhaps it’s high time to draw a line and look back for just a moment, right before I get too old to remember any of it…

If I were to come up with titles for the last 10 years of my existence (in a countdown manner)…I wonder if the ones below would do them justice.


10 – Moving “to the Big City”

9 –  An idiot’s guide to surviving your Twenties

8 –  Confrontations of EGOs

7 – Goodbye old friend, hello manhood

6 – Love, disappointment, choice, changes & responsibilities

5 – WWW (work work work)

4 – The upside of being adults…

3 – Accidents happen

2 – Frequent Flyer

1 – Mending hearts and minds


Today…despite the many titles that would be most suitable…somehow, today is all about what “Tomorrow” will bring




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