A perfect morning…


Had it not been for last night’s rain, I would probably still be fighting heat-induced exhaustion and the effects of sleep deprivation.

But my savior came just at the right time to cool the earth, the scorching air and our weary minds.

On such a cool morning I let myself dream of a long time lover that I will forever find beautiful – the sea. I long for it with with untold passion and every time I close my eyes I think of how right it feels to be close to it.

I miss those mornings, right before it becomes hot, when “early birds” come @ Ovidiu’s (a.k.a Stuf ) for their first coffee of the day. They all smile and speak in soft tones whilst the thatch roof shade covers them. They stretch their limbs (now sore after a whole night’s dancing on the beach) and make up some sort of “agenda” for the day: sunbathing – splashing in the sea – chill out sessions … and then more sun and saltwater…

And just as they laugh at how good it feels to be lazy at the seaside and how they wished they could do this for a living, they notice the perfect harmony between the gentle morning waves and the tune coming out of the sand filled speakers:



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