What’s in a name?


I just realized how much it bothers me when people call me / refer to me by my Last Name. And whilst it is most common for this kind of disappointment to occur in one’s work place (due to the formalism most people tend to acquiesce), it can resonate in ones ears as unexpected as the sound of glass smashing against a cold marble floor.

It feels as if all boundaries that were previously suppressed through countless hours of dialogue and interaction have been reinstated and that all the efforts we each made and that brought us closer against unnamed common enemies (unpaid overtime, an insufferable superior, an annoyingly demanding client, etc) have been in vain.

Maybe it’s just my old school upbringing – but for the sake of those with whom you enjoy interacting with on a daily basis and who have earned your respect – adress them/ refer to them by their given name (if they invited you to), or if you insist on being overly formal – don’t do away with the “Mr /Ms/Mrs.”

Respect, when earned – needs not be squandered through simple negligence…


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