Salmon fishing in the Yemen

I am sure the weekend that has just concluded will linger in my memory as one of the best ones yet as it was filled with laughter, friends, books, movies, music and a lot of fun happenings that gave it a halo of  “life can be so much fun”.

In part, my enthusiasm is also brought upon by a movie I stumbled upon whilst feverishly trying to find a title that would make my trip to the cinema worthwhile.

I knew the synopsis, and the title presented a corky enough hypothesis to make one curious in the very least – and that is how I ended up seeing Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

They were some of the most fun 100+ minutes I spent in front of a cinema canvas in a while and it reminded me why British humour will remain closer to my heart than any other. Although the film tends to occasionally linger on the aspects dealing with matters of the heart, it does it without  being too drenched in the overly sweet syrup of traditional love films.

It is a cleverly written, brilliantly cast and beautifully acted film which will definitely brighten up your day.

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