“So…how does that make you feel?”


I’ve heard this phrase so many times in the movies portraying characters that are no strangers to couch sessions. Every time their shrink taps into some never before mentioned source of grief, the above catch phrase gets thrown in the mix, suggesting that we are about to uncover some burdening story of the past or that an introspective and most revealing episode will further define the on-screen personas.

Well…today, as I got I out of bed, I could not refrain this cliche-phrase upon gazing outside my window. SNOW…AGAIN…MARCH 15th…ARRRGHHHH.

Much like my fellow co-workers, I showed up for my 9 to 5 routine wondering what in the name of Elvis’s fat ghost had happened to the weather…It had been only hours since my praise to the sunny days of spring and its beneficial effects on one’s psyche and now, just like a bad joke, the skies have opened for another siege of the snow flakes. Don’t get me wrong, I like snow and I can certainly appreciate a belated final snowfall of the season…it’s just that my entire being had sad its good byes to winter with the same easy heart as wishing farewell to guests that overstayed their welcome…

For what it’s worth winter, this is what you remind me of today…



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