Parallel Universes

Today I hade a chance to get a glimpse of the life I could have had, provided the paths I chose at different crossroads in my life had been different.

It turns out the present day ME is a lot happier with not being stuck behind a desk, working for the “Authorities” , filling out poorly typed  predefined forms that describe penal acts in an old and dusty “procedural” verbiage.  I was exposed to this colorless alternate reality for about half an hour and each one of the minutes I spent in that office, in front of a tiny desk was to unimaginable extents – time well spent.

The more I looked around , the more I could visualize myself as the very man that was now in front of me – doing honest and frustratingly underpaid police work, filling out forms just because the procedure said so…not because it would have brought justice in this particular matter. I could “see” myself fighting with my every thought, trying to keep my composure whilst my entire body would tell me THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE…

Although it should have been a frustrating experience – I know believe that my close encounter with the Law should be credited with  my latest epiphany:  I am a lot happier as a nowadays civilian than I would have been as a member of nowadays police force.

As I stepped out of that office blessing my good fortune, the Black Keys made my smile even wider:



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