Aaaah…my old enemy…


… Monday.

That day of the week that most of us dread as it is reminiscent of  everything that is less than fun in being adults: work, deadlines, insufferable colleagues and most often than not – arrogant bosses. The list greatly surpasses my abilities to summarize all that we resent almost religiously in the name of paying mortgages, taxes and even catering to our hedonistic whims…

But it does not always have to be like this…and as usual, music can help us cope with yet another nauseating weekday, regardless of the name it bears (I often find Tuesdays are more likely to drive me to the edges of insanity, as they find me less prepared)

So here is a lively “pick-me-up”, courtesy of Nadeah ( you may know her as the voice @Nouvelle Vague)




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