2011 – Season finale

                                                                         To my wife and friends,

without whom it would have damn near impossible…

My dears,

We had high hopes and up-beat expectations as we danced our way into 2011…As the eventful 2010 was a thing of the past and the small triumphs it had bestowed upon us were now mere chapters of our individual biographies,  we entered the new year with renewed optimism that “It can only get beter!”

It turned out to be a trying year for most of us, and heavy tolls were paid – tolls that for some of us will forever remain as grief-filled  milestones of our existence.It was also the year that taught us a deeper meaning of endurance whilst at the same time it strengthened our minds, spirits and even our bodies. Over the past 12 months we have had countless dialogues with ourselves trying to find  the essential power to get to the finish line , hoping that the year end will bring an end to our tiresome trials.

Well – it looks like we made it, and it feels as if we have been running in a marathon. We are physically and  emotionally exhausted, but somehow, we know that all that was endured has now turned us into better versions of ourselves.

In a few hours, we will try to rekindle this spirit of continuous hope and wish for the best 366 days of our life thus far. We will try to water down all the misfortunes of the ending chapter  in a tall glass of sincere optimism  brought on by the new beginnings. I am sure this will be the best year yet so let’s enjoy it!

Cherish your parents! Value your friends! Appreciate the things you have and be patient about getting the ones you don’t yet!  Never give up – there is so much more out there!

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