The Kites…again


I don’t subscribe to many channels on Youtube, and I don’t even avidly check whatever new video the ones I do follow release every now and again.

But by all that is melodious – every time The Paper Kites upload something, I stop everything I might be doing and go check it out, fully knowing I am in for a treat.

This time again, they do not disappoint.






Given that winter is finally here and the temps have everyone complaining about the cold, I thought I would give you all something hot. If the 80’s vibe of the song doesn’t warm you up, then I’m sure the video will do the trick. Bow to the Queen…Miss Monae:


Healthy habits

I know it’s been more than a while and yes, I’ve missed coming here as well. Now, that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s see if we can get back into the groove, shall we? And what better way to rekindle things with an awesome track from one of my all time favorite bands whose tracks always manage to kick me into gear and get me through the day with a smile on my face.

Ladies and gents…the very melodious – Paper Kites:


TBT – cover edition


In the on-line debate about who covered Massive Attack’s Teardrop better (versions counting fan favorites such as Elbow, Aurora, Incubus, Jose Gonzales,etc) one answer always surfaces above all others as a clear winner. I’ll let you be the judge of it:


Infectious little summer bug


Heard this one a few times as the TV tuned to commercial breaks…finally had the inspiration to turn Shazam on once I heard it in the coffee shop this morning. Glad I found it:


Proud papa


You know you did not completely mess up as a parent when the 2 year old sitting in the backseat asks you to crank up the volume just as Childish Gambino is about to drop some sweet, funky, old school vibes and then she starts “rocking to the beat”.

She’ll be alright…